Tapas, among the most famous and traditional food of Spain, are becoming increasingly more popular the world over. As their popularity rises, so does people’s desire to make these delicious recipes at home. While tapas are inherently easy to make, there are a few tools that can make the process even easier – giving you more time to enjoy great tapas with friends and family.

1. Ham Carving Knife

Perhaps one of the most popular items you’ll see on a tapas menu is Jamon – Spanish Ham. A common ingredient in many dishes and delicious just on its own, it truly is a staple on any Spanish menu. Having a proper carving knife, like this one, can make all the difference when cutting your jamon. This ensures that you get evenly sliced, thin pieces of delicious jamon to enjoy – perhaps with some tomato bread or Spanish cheese.


2. Ham Stand

Once you have a proper carving knife (see above), you will need to ensure the ham does not move when you cut it, which would make the process even more difficult – not to mention dangerous. This is where a ham stand comes into the picture. Lock the foot part of the ham in place on the top and push the larger part down onto the spike. The ham stays in place, making cutting it substantially easier. Click here to get one.


3. Mortar and Pestle

The mortar and pestle has been used for millennia in many different cultures – another great tool to have for making tapas. This tool is available in a multitude of sizes and materials, and is perfect for making pastes from garlic or herbs – like the famous alioli sauce. Click here to get a granite mortar and pestle from Jamie Oliver.


4. Olive Oil Dispenser

Olive oil is a staple in the Mediterranean diet. You will be hard-pressed to find a Spanish kitchen lacking olive oil. Apart from used in cooking, olive oil is frequently added to food at the eating stage as well. As placing the whole bottle on the table looks…well…less nice, an olive oil dispenser is a great asset to your tapas tools. Most oil dispenser sets—like this on Amazon—consist of two recipients, one for oil and one for vinegar.


5. Immersion Blender

So many delicious tapas recipes are dependent on this simple, yet necessary tool. Tapas would not be tapas without the delicious sauces—like alioli. And many of those are best made with an immersion blender, for example this one!



6. Terracotta Dishes

While not necessarily a tool, terra-cotta dishes are just as essential to tapas cooking (and serving). They are extremely versatile, and you will surely love having them in your collection. Here’s an example at Amazon.


7. Small frying pan

Perhaps a tool you already have in your house, a small frying pan is the most essential tool when it comes to making tapas. You can use it to make your tortilla, to fry your fish, or whatever tapas you may find it necessary for. You can get one here.